Kansas City’s Best Sump Pump Repair Team

A flooded basement can be a big headache. Drying or replacing carpet, damaged furniture, and even drywall can really take a toll on your stress level and your wallet. If you have a sump pump, you expect it to work. Period. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. Here are some reasons many sump pumps in Greater Kansas City fail or need to be repaired.

Common Reasons for Sump Pump Failure

  • Power outages
  • Undersized pumps can’t keep up
  • Low-quality pumps have low-quality parts
  • Float switches can be poorly designed
  • Clogged pipes can trap water inside your home
  • Battery trouble (on battery backup models)

Luckily, MVP Air Conditioning, Heating, Plumbing & Electric provides comprehensive plumbing services and can handle any sump pump problem you have!